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Recording Mix with Master Recording With Mix And Master

$40 per hour (Booked In Advance)

$50 per hour (Booked Same Day)

$60 - Vocal Mix And Master

$100 - Full Mix And Master

$500 Package Deal

(Record as much as possible in 8 hours and get them all mixed and mastered for free.)

Price Description
Vocals Mix The instrumental used is just a stereo track that cannot be mixed. The only tracks that are separated are vocals.
Full Mix Every or nearly every track allows for control over the sound. The kick has its own track, the snare has its own track, the vocals have their own tracks, the piano has its own track and pretty much every element of the recording has its own track.
Package Deal An 8 hour session to record as many songs as possible. All songs recorded during that time will be mixed and mastered for free.
Audio Examples
Music Reel
This player contains music as an example of our sound quality
and is not to be judged based on the content by the artists.

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